A new species of Bolosauridae, Belebey augustodunensis, is described from fragmentary cranial material collected in the late Gzhelian-Asselian beds of the Autun basin, central France. Be. augustodunensis is one of the oldest bolosaurids and represents the first occurrence of the family in France. The dentition of this species is unique within Bolosauridae in exhibiting a progressive shift from a mesio– to a disto-lingual orientation of the tooth apex and lingual facet. Other features show that Be. augustodunensis belongs to the genus Belebey, although it lacks several specializations known in other species of the genus. A review of the valid bolosaurid taxa increases their stratigraphic and geographic distribution, in addition to the description of Be. augustodunensis. The distributions and diversification of Bolosauridae are briefly discussed.

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