Robert Garcet (April 12, 1912 – December 26, 2001) amassed a remarkable collection of mosasaur fossils from upper Maastrichtian strata in the Eben Emael-Lava area (Liège, Belgium), just south of the type section of the Maastrichtian Stage at the St Pietersberg (Maastricht, the Netherlands). His small-scale, non-mechanised quarrying activities permitted the recovery of numerous articulated vertebrate fossils. Garcet’s quarries were situated at a deeper level than most of the current, large-scale excavations in the area. This explains why material of Mosasaurus hoffmanni contained in his collections enables an extension of the known range of that species on the basis of articulated, unequivocally identified specimens, to comprise the last c. 2,3 m.y. of the Cretaceous.

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