Pseudomarssonella and related taxa have been recorded in the upper part of the Redmondoides lugeoni/Redmondoides cf. rotundatus Zone, Paleopfenderina trochoidea-salernitana and Kurnubia ex. gr. palastiniensis zones, and the lower half of the Clypeina jurassica Zone, from the Bathonian to the lower Tithonian of the Central Taurides (S Turkey) inner platform carbonate succession. A tentative phylogenetic tree of the Jurassic pfenderinids (paleopfenderins) is given in this study. The Paleopfenderininae are suggested to have evolved from PseudomarssonellaRedmond 1965 which might have diverged from RedmondoidesBanneret al. 1991 or RiyadhellaRedmond 1965. This evolution was carried out during the early Bathonian by the acquisition of accessory, cribrate apertural plate and more numbers of chambers per whorl. Pseudomarssonella has been removed from the family Chrysalidinidae (subfamily Paravalvulininae) since it is phylogenetically and taxonomically separated from Paravalvulina, which is fundamentally triserial, has cribrate septal flap as a prolongation of septum and has no secondary infillings. Herein it is placed into the family Pfenderinidae, subfamily Paleopfenderininae.

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