The specific biodiversity of stromatoporoids, tabulates and brachiopods from the Ardennes (707 taxa) has been analyzed stage-by-stage from the Lochkovian up to the Famennian. The diversity of each group may be correlated with external factors (e.g. facies), but it varied individually (e.g. decline of brachiopods in the Givetian). The faunas are discussed at the order level, however some more diversified orders are analyzed at family level. Biodiversity shows a single peak centered on the Givetian for the bioconstructors, and two major peaks (Emsian-Eifelian and Frasnian) for the brachiopods. The most diversified orders are Stromatoporellida (stromatoporoids), Favositida (tabulate corals) and Spiriferida (brachiopods). Stromatoporoids display two, tabulate corals four and brachiopods five stages of renewal of fauna.

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