The building of the Alpine Rif belt (southern limb of the Betic-Rif orocline) is restored, mostly based on the Tertiary stratigraphic and metamorphic data set. The Betic-Rif Internal zones derive from an exotic Alboran Terrane partly involved in a S-dipping Betic subduction during the Late Cretaceous ?-Eocene. Incipient collision of the terrane against Iberia triggered back-thrust tectonics south of the Internal mountain belt during the latest Eocene-Oligocene. A N-dipping Maghrebian subduction developed from that time up to Middle Miocene, responsible for the rifting of the internal Alboran Terrane. Docking of the extending Alboran Terrane onto the North African margin occurred during the Neogene through the closure of the Maghrebian Flysch oceanic trough, with southwestward growth of the external accretionary prism, and foredeep subsidence. Subduction zone westward roll back associated with delamination of the dense lithosphere seem to account for the Betic-Rif late orogenic evolution.

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