In the autochthonous unit of Punta-di-Calcina (southern Corsica, France), Upper Cretaceous deposits are reworked (clasts of orbitoid-bearing limestones, Globotruncanidae) within marine lowstand breccias of Danian age, that are overlying Jurassic limestones or granitic basement. These Danian breccias can be dated by means of subautochthonous planktonic foraminifera (Globigerinidae and Hedbergellidae), belonging to the Plb and Plc subzones. The K/T boundary coincides with an ante-Danian submarine erosional surface (major unconformity) underlining the gap of the whole Cretaceous. It is probably impossible to find the iridium-level of the K/T boundary along this surface. This stratigraphic framework suggests the occurrence of main (compressional ?) tectonic movements just before the beginning of the Palaeocene, inducing deep erosions on a Corsican-Sardinian block partially covered at this time by Maastrichtian marine carbonate platforms, now disappeared.

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