120 samples of three quarries of the Oligocene Aquitaine limestone were subjected to petrographic, petrophysical and chemical analyses. Strong variations of depositional and diagenetic textures were observed. Four main depositional textures characterize this limestone: mudstone-wackestone, packstone, packstone-grainstone and grainstone. The diagenetic transformations recognized and specially meteoric leaching increases the heterogeneity of porous medium. The "Pierre de Bordeaux" shows a high variation of porosity (12,8 % to 42,51%), permeability (4,27 to 4755 mD), specific surface (0,78 to 3,73 m 2 /g) and distribution of pore throats (from monomodal to three modal distribution). Petrophysical properties depend strongly on depositional and diagenetic patterns. Textures with two and three modal distribution of porous medium, packstone-grainstone and grainstone have the best reservoir properties. The meteoric dissolution associated to microfracturing improves strongly both the macroporosity, permeability in mudstone-wackestone and packstone and increases the pore space complexity in all textures.

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