Structural, kinematics and thermo-barometric analyses of the ductile deformation of the south-Limousin metamorphic formations show a polyphase shear tectonics corresponding to two different thrusting events. The older one, is a to the top-to-the-SW thrusting during middle Devonian. This deformation occurs under minimum PT conditions of 7 Kbar/700 degrees C simultaneously to anatexis. The second event is a top-to-the-NW shearing which occurred in late Devonian-early Carboniferous under Barrovian conditions (5 kbar/600 degrees C). Diorites bodies and non-eclogitized mafic rocks allow us to argue for an extensional phase between the two thrusting events. These two ductile and syn-metamorphic deformations take place in a polycyclic evolution model of the Hercynian belt of the French Massif Central.

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