New palaeogeographical sketches from the upper part of the Cretaceous (Aptian to Campanian) to the lower Tertiary (Nummulitic) of the northeastern subalpine basin (SE France) are presented owing to recent observations. Major structural and sedimentary events are described for the first time or reevaluated: the Vraconian (uppermost Albian) unconformity, the lower Campanian and pre-Nummulitic unconformities. During this period a complex deformation of the basin is registered by synsedimentary tectonic activity, WNW-ESE compressive structures, a final northward tilt of the basin before a generalized emersion at the end of the Cretaceous. This emersion extends from Palaeocene to lower-middle Eocene and is characterized by the presence of microcodiums deeply weathering the underlying Cretaceous sediments. Finally the pre-Nummulitic NE-SW compression will result in a N130 schistosity before marine facies will reappear during the Upper Eocene.

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