The Monte Postale section (Bolca, northern Italy), one of the most famous Lagerstätten of the Eocene, has been investigated to reconstruct the sedimentary succession and to determine both the larger foraminiferal and the calcareous nannofossil biozones. The results allowed us to ascribe the Monte Postale limestones to the Shallow Benthic Zone 11 and to the calcareous nannofossil Zone CNE 5-?6 (= NP 13-?14a). The direct correlation of the SB and CNE Zones is consistent with the current biostratigraphic schemes and allows assignment of the deposition of the succession to the interval between 50.7 and 48.9 Ma, in the late Ypresian (early Eocene). According to the available biostratigraphic data, the uppermost portion of the Monte Postale section should correlate with the Pesciara limestones.

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