The editorial board at PALAIOS thank all their colleagues who have contributed to the peer-review process this year. We are grateful for your thoughtful and careful reviews.

Amati, Lisa

Anbar, Ariel

Anderson, Laurie C.

Archer, Allen W.

Arning, Esther

Ash, Sidney

Ausich, William

Axsmith, Brian J.

Babcock, Loren E.

Barnosky, Anthony D.

Bassi, Davide

Baumiller, Tomasz K.

Beavington-Penney, Simon J.

Behrensmeyer, Anna K.

Benner, Jacob

Bennett, Carys

Berkeley, Andrew

Bernecker, Michaela

Best, Mairi M. R.

Bodnar, Robert

Bonelli, James R.

Bosak, Tanja

Bosence, Dan

Bottjer, David J.

Bowen, Gabriel J.

Bown, Paul

Boyce, Kevin

Boyer, Diana L.

Brand, Leonard


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