D.E.G. Briggs and P.R. Crowther, Eds., 2001, Blackwell Science, Oxford, 583 p. (Hardcover US $200.00; Paperback, US $89.95) ISBN: 0-632-05147-7 (Paperback), ISBN 0-632-05149-3 (Hardcover).

Paleobiology has come into its own, certainly as a discipline that is the historical repository for major evolutionary and paleoecological transitions, biodiversification, extinction events, and global change. The paleobiological discipline also provides the impetus for theory, including micro- to macroevolutionary processes, hierarchy, and complexity paradigms. Given the breadth and scope of this blossoming field in the last decade, Palaeobiology II provides an excellent and multidisciplinary overview of some of the most important empirical and theoretical topics...

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