Ichnology and Sedimentology of Shallow to Marginal Marine Systems: Ben Nevis & Avalon Reservoirs, Jeanne d’Arc Basin, S. George Pemberton, Michelle Spila, Andrew J. Pulham, Tom Saunders, James A. MacEachern, Demian Robbins, and Iain K. Sinclair, 2001, Geological Association of Canada Short Course Notes 15, St John’s, Canada, 343 p. (Paperback, CA$ 63.00, US$ 47.00, INTL$ 49.00) ISBN: 0-919216-77-3.

Ichnology is used increasingly in the petroleum industry. The group led by George Pemberton at the University of Alberta undoubtedly has played a major role in this trend. In 1992, he edited an SEPM Core Workshop publication on the applications...

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