The Hell Creek Formation and the Cretaceous–Tertiary Boundary in the Northern Great Plains: An Integrated Continental Record of the End of the Cretaceous, J.H. Hartman, K.R. Johnson, and D.J. Nichols, (eds.), 2002, Geological Society of America Special Paper 361, Boulder, USA, 520 p. (Softcover, GSA Members, US$ 96.00, Non-Members, US $120.00) ISBN: 0-8137-2361-2.

These days, who publishes a large volume devoted to a single geological formation? The approach seems positively nineteenth century; however in this case, the work is timely, appropriate, and important. The Hell Creek Formation (HCF) is the well-known and oft-cited nexus of terrestrial Cretaceous-Tertiary (K/T) boundary research....

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