Léo F. Laporte, 2000, Columbia University Press, 332p. (Paperback $16.00) ISBN: 0-231-12065-6.

In the last 20 or so years, there has been a spate of popular and semi-popular books written about the history of paleontology. Some—like the Hot Blooded Dinosaurs (1980)—are highly readable apologies for particular viewpoints. Others, like Time's Arrow and Time's Cycle (1987), examine ideas more than protagonists. Still others, such as The Great Devonian Controversy (1985), Bonehunter's Revenge (1999), and The Dragon Seekers (2001) are conventional biographies of interesting folks living in interesting times (which, on the face of it, means pre-1900). Léo F. Laporte's book is...

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