A new vertebrate track site in the Lower Permian Wellington Formation in north-central Oklahoma is described wherein tracks are found on a single dolomite bedding plane that can be traced along more than 1.6 km of disconnected outcrops. In excess of 1,400 tetrapod tracks, including 16 trackways, are documented. Because of extramorphological factors, it was not possible to identify ichnogenera with certainty, but five distinct morphotypes are described, and their possible affinities with known Permian ichnotaxa are given. All tracks appear to be undertracks of vertebrates walking on all fours, wading on their back legs, or swimming. It is proposed that one of these morphotypes was made by a web-footed trackmaker. Aspects of the ichnofauna and lithologic features suggest a lacustrine paleoenvironment for the track site, and could warrant further subdivision of the redbed ichnofacies.

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