Paleocommunities—A Case Study from the Silurian and Lower Devonian, A.J. Boucot and J.D. Lawson, editors, 1999, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 895 p. (Hardcover, $300.00) ISBN: 0-521-36398-5.

Project Ecostratigraphy was an effort in Siluro-Devonian correlations by the late Anders Martinsson (1978), who defined ecostratigraphy as “the definition of stratigraphical units on an ecologic basis, biological and sedimentological (palaeoecosystems). The irregular and diachronous units thus defined are placed in a basin framework, and all available methods…are used to construct time-planes through this complex” (Martinsson, 1980). This book represents the final report for Project Ecostratigraphy and consists of 51 chapters...

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