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SEPM Field Trip Guidebooks

  • Volume 12 (2011) The Carboniferous Geology of the Sacramento Mountains New Mexico
  • Volume 11 (2010) Field Guide: Permian Platform and Basin Outcrops of the Guadalupe Mountains: Partial Analogs for Chemical Sedimentary Rocks on the Surface of Mars
  • Volume 10 (2009) Stratigraphic Evolution of Deep-Water Architecture: Examples of controls and depositional styles from the Magallanes Basin, southern Chile
  • Volume 9 (2000) Permian Platforms and Reefs in the Guadalupe and Hueco Mountains
  • Volume 5 (1986) Southeastern United States: Third Annual Midyear Meeting, 1986, Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Volume 4 (1985) Fine-Grained Deposits and Biofacies of the Cretaceous Western Interior Seaway: Evidence of Cyclic Sedimentary Processes
  • Volume 3 (1984) 1984 Midyear Meeting San Jose, California
  • Volume 2 (1984) Stratigraphic, Tectonic, Thermal, and Diagenetic Histories of the Monterey Formation, Pismo and Huasna Basin, California
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