The use of settling speed in the analysis of sedimentary particles has become sufficiently widespread to warrant standardization. This is necessary so that various researchers can communicate and compare results of their analyses. It is proposed that the standard parameter for settling speed be expressed in Chi (chi ) units: chi = -log 2 (s/s o ) where s is the settling speed in meters per second (m/s) standardized to 20 degrees C and s o is standard speed of 1 m/s. Settling speed (s) can be temperature corrected to 20 degrees C by the formula: s = s m + (k)*(20 - t)*s m The temperature correction factor k is given by the following: 1) For s m > 0.177 m/s: k = 0 (no correction necessary) 2) For S m between 0.177 and 0.002 m/s: k = -0.00555*1n s m - 0.00961 3) For s m < 0.002 m/s: k = 0.025.

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