Three distinct types of pressure solution features are found in the Alpena limestone (Devonian, Michigan): stylolites, solution seams, and fitted fabric texture. The style of pressure solution is different in grainstones, packstones, and wackestones. The difference is interpreted to be the result of preferential cementation of the grainstones. Well-cemented grainstones typically have stylolites, whereas solution seams and fitted fabric texture are more common in poorly cemented grainstones, packstones, and wackestones. Pressure solution occurs at nearly equal e80 percent of the lithologic transitions. This is probably due to competency contrasts between adjacent units. That material dissolved at pressure solution surfaces is not locally reprecipitated is indicated by porous allochems which abut against stylolites and units of abundant intergranular pressure solution (fitted fabric texture) which lack cement. The style of pressure solution in the Alpena limestone and its relationship to cementation is also observed in the Tuscarora quartz arenite (Silurian, Appalachian Basin).

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