The distribution and transport of suspended sediments in the Bay of Fundy are extremely difficult to define because of the high tidal range and resulting high time variability in sediment distribution. The spatial distribution of suspended sediments have been mapped using Landsat imagery. During a period of two years a field verification program has been underway to relate multispectral seawater radiance recorded digitally by Landsat 1 and 2 to the absolute surface suspended sediment concentration. A correlation of 0.96 has been established for the two variables for multi temporal data and for a variety of sediment types. Thematic maps generated for clear Landsat imagery can be used quantitatively to determine circulation patterns, sources of material, and volumes of suspended sediment for the local region. Initial results suggest that the calibration may be applied to any marine environment similar to Minas Basin and is valid for a variety of sediment sizes, shapes, and composition.

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