The Snuggedy swamp contains peat deposits up to 100 inches (250 cm.) thick underlain by about 10 inches (25 cm.) of rooted and unbedded clay. This clay has a kaolinite/montmorillonite ratio of more than 2/1 and a pH less than 5. On the other hand, the clay below this zone, or where the peat is absent, is bedded, contains no roots, has a kaolinite/montmorillonite ratio below 1, and a pH greater than 5. There is strong evidence to suggest that the clay zone immediately beneath the peat was not kaolinite-rich when deposited, but was enriched due to leaching by humic-acid solutions which filtered down from the peat. This phenomenon may be similar to the formation of underclays below certain Paleozoic coals.

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