Sand-size sediments are contributed to the western coast of the Gulf of Elat by many small wadis. The results of examinations of the 62-1,000 mu heavy mineral fractions of 200 samples indicate four well-defined heavy mineral provinces: (1). Elat to Marsa el Ghala: amphibole (22%), mica (15%), zircon + tourmaline + rutile (12%), garnet (11%), and staurolite (4%). (2). Marsa el Ghala to Ras el Burka: zircon + tourmaline + rutile (27%), amphibole (9%), and mica (7%). (3). Ras el Burka to Marsa el At: amphibole (18%), pyroxene (12%), sphene (8%), mica (8%), and zircon + tourmaline + rutile (4%). (4). Sherm el Sheikh Region: amphibole (35%), and zircon + tourmaline + rutile (17%). The distribution pattern and trends of heavy mineral assemblages are correlated with the mineralogy of the source rocks. The composition of the source rocks closest to the drainage area is found to be the main factor influencing the observed mineralogical pattern.

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