Saturated bulk density, porosity, and grain density were determined in a shore laboratory for samples from Deep Sea Drilling Project Site 222 (Leg 23) in the Indus Cone, or Fan, in the Arabian Sea. This record-depth hole (1,300 m) penetrated about 80 m of calcareous pelagic sediment overlying (80 to 1,300 m) a fairly homogeneous terrigenous section. Operational difficulties caused cutting of undergauge cores which seriously hampered shipboard property measurements, and made it desirable to make supplementary shore-laboratory measurements. Density and porosity varied from 1.58 g/cm 3 and 66% in the calcareous sediment near the surface to 2.29 g/cm 3 and 26% in a fine-grained sandstone below 1,200 m. Low-porosity variations from the general trend of porosity with depth were caused by relatively minor, courser sand and silt layers. The average grain density in the top, calcareous section was 2.71 g/cm 3 , and the average for the thick, homogeneous terrigenous section was 2.76 g/cm 3 .

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