A study of the shallow water coastal deposits in the North Carolina and Florida regions shows a persistent suite of heavy minerals consisting of ilmenite, staurolite, epidote, zircon, garnet, sillimanite, cyanite, hornblende, leucoxene, tourmaline, rutile, hypersthene, apatite, magnetite, monazite?, and andalusite. Epidote is the dominant nonopaque mineral in the Florida region, while staurolite is the most abundant nonopaque mineral in the North Carolina region. The percentages of mineral constituents show considerable local variation. The heavy minerals make up less than 2 per cent of the samples and the shell matter ranges from 2.94 to 93.53 per cent. The light minerals consist essentially of quartz with a small amount of feldspar and glauconite. There are also more or less ash and glass.

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