The azimuthal preferred grain orientation of Vicksburg and pre-Vicksburg loess, Vicksburg, Mississippi, determined from photomicrographs of thin sections, ranges from 285 degrees to 289 degrees (N. 75 degrees W.-N. 71 degrees W.). Imbrication determined by the same visual method for both materials ranges from 3 degrees to 8 degrees . The azimuthal fabric mean determined by dielectric anisotropy measurements with a Shell Development Company instrument ranges from 275 degrees to 284 degrees (N. 85 degrees W.-N. 76 degrees W.). Imbrication determined by the same instrument ranges from 4 degrees to 10 degrees . Based on the thinning pattern for loess in this area, a paleowind direction of 290 degrees (N. 70 degrees W.) is ascertained which conforms to the overall average fabric mean of 283 degrees (N. 75 degrees W.).

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