The microfacies are classified into five major groups. The first three groups are calcarenites which are divided on degree of sorting of the allochems; the fourth group consists of calcilutites, and the fifth group, heavily recrystallized and dolomitized limestones. These five groups are then subdivided into 29 sub-groups based on abundance of the various types of allochems, their orientation, size and abrasion, and the matrix in which they are set. Each stratigraphic unit was found to contain microfacies which appear to be fairly characteristic of that unit, although some may not be wholly confined to it. This fact was of considerable value in establishing the boundaries between the stratigraphic units and in determining the stratigraphic position of isolated outcrops in areas complicated by much faulting. The conditions of sedimentation appear to have ranged from quiet waters when the calcilutites and fine-grained limestones were deposited to quite turbulent waters when the well-sorted calcarenites were laid down.

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