A fretwork of erosion pits can be observed in 2 littoral exposures about 1/4 mi NW. of Eastern Point and 1 mi E. of Newport, Rhode Island. The shoreline is approximately parallel to the strike of the formations displaying the fretwork; the beds dip in a series of cuestas gently seaward. The fretwork is present on the dip slope of the second ridge back from the shoreline and only on the upper part of this slope. The pits are oval and oriented with their long axes in the direction of dip. The pits do not vary greatly in size and their density is about 20/sq ft. It appears that storm waves play an important part in forming the pits. Waves of translation strike the seaward dip slope barrier and splash forward in an arcuate path and hit with great force against the top of the second dip slope. Fretwork does not appear elsewhere in the vicinity where exposures of the same lithology are acted upon only by atmospheric weathering processes.

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