Remanent magnetizations of 64 silt specimens of Kansan, Illinoian, Sangamon, and Wisconsin age are reported. All, except some of the Illinoian specimens, are apparently normally magnetized. The primary magnetic fabrics of the Kansan, Sangamon, and Wisconsin specimens may have been deformed slightly by the consolidating effects of overriding Pleistocene ice sheets. Twenty-two specimens from the basal part of an Illinoian glaciolacustrine silt display a confusion of N.-magnetic-pole plots, 21 of the plots lying between latitudes 18 degrees S. to 88 degrees N. and longitudes 7 degrees to 176 degrees W. This apparent confusion of the magnetic field corresponds to the time of the Illinoian glacial maximum in southern Indiana. Nine specimens from the upper part of the Illinoian silt unit, representative of post glacial-maximum time, are normally magnetized.

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