A procedure for the rapid volumetric analysis of carbonate rocks for Ca, Mg, Fe, and Al is presented in a form to aid the inexperienced analyst. The 4 elements are determined with the use of EDTA (ethylenediaminetetracetic acid), an organic chelating agent. Instructions for the gravimetric determination of silica are also included. Literature concerning the determination of Ca, Mg, and Fe with EDTA has appeared in the chemical journals, and the adaptation of EDTA techniques to the determination of Al has also been discussed. The inexperienced analyst might find it difficult, however, to trace and apply the information to the problem of analyzing carbonate rocks for the 4 elements mentioned. It is felt that this report will enable a person with a minimum of analytical training to perform analyses rapidly and with accuracy sufficient for most commercial and investigative needs. A list of the chemicals and equipment required is included, and sample calculations are given. Knowledge of only the most fundamental laboratory operations such as "dilute to volume," "titrate," "transfer quantitatively," and "pipette," is assumed.

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