Ooe1ite grains and ooelitic sands are described from a newly recognized depositional area along the Texas Gulf Coast. These deposits occur in the high salinity lagoon environment of the Laguna Madre. They are associated with the wave-exposed shorelines characterized by low rates of terrigenous sedimentation, high salinities, high summer temperatures, and active carbonate deposition. The descriptive details presented include comparison with the ooelite grains and ooelitic sands from the Great Salt Lake and the Bahamas. Special reference is made to the radial, tangential, and unoriented crystallites within the ooelitic layers from these separate localities. It is concluded that the Laguna Madre ooelites are forming on the wave-exposed shoreline by insolation, evaporation, and agitation of carbonate saturated waters. The internal arrangement of the individual aragonite crystallites within the ooelitic layers seems dependent upon the rate of carbonate precipitation and the degree of mechanical reorientation by grain to grain rubbing.

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