In order to evaluate the method of heavy mineral separation used in Coastal Petroleum Company's laboratory work and to compare it with certain other gravity and centrifuge methods, 58 tests were conducted with artificial samples of known concentrations. Samples of 20 and 50 gm. were compared in 1, 2, and 5% concentrations by the separatory funnel gravity method. Samples of 5-gm. size were tested in the same concentrations using and comparing open funnel and separatory funnel gravity methods and double tube and separatory funnel centrifuge methods. Relatively good results were obtained with both gravity methods and the separatory funnel centrifuge method since mean recovery was above 90%. It was found that for an artificial sample with a median diameter of 2.72 phi of the composition used and with the techniques followed, the separatory funnel gravity method is adequate for our purpose, and it is as good as and perhaps superior to the centrifuge method.

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