"During the formation of geosynclines, greywackes tend to be deposited by axially directed turbidity currents; at the same time, a marginal facies may be developed. The lower Palaeozoic geosyncline of Wales (Great Britain) contains some stratigraphical successions which appear to have been derived by both axial and lateral supply; the Harlech Grits (Cambrian) and the upper Llandovery greywackes (Silurian) were deposited in NE-SW trending basins which were margined by areas of shelf-sea. Similarly, the Crinan Grits (Dalradian) of Scotland are partly made up of sedimentary material derived from the sides of the geosynclinal basin. The extent of interdigitation of the marginally and axially derived material appears to be associated with the form of the geosyncline."

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