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Reservoirs at Pony-Knotty Head Field consist of stacked, middle Miocene (Serravallian) turbidites deposited as high-frequency low-stand successions within an increasingly ponded basin. Depositional elements include: (1) high to moderate permeability channel axes, channel margins, channelized lobes, and amalgamated lobes; and (2) those having low-permeability, such as marginal to distal lobes, levee-overbank debrites, slumped mudsheterolithics, and pelagic/hemipelagic muds. Fluid pressure data demonstrate that the Pony-Knotty Head Field is segmented into pressure compartments at multiple scales.

Although the field is a low-dip, faulted, four-way turtle structure, interpreted faults are neither long enough nor have sufficient throw to segment reservoirs into observed...

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