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Jubarte is an oil field located offshore of Campos Basin, southeastern Brazil. Discovered in 2001, it is currently the most important oil accumulation of Espirito Santo State. Today, Phase 1 of the development plan has already been implemented and is producing through four one-kilometer-reservoir-exposure horizontal wells connected to FPSO P-34 platform. The field cumulative oil production already has reached 67,000,000 BO, representing around 3% of the total reserve.

Phase 2 of the development plan is ongoing and eighteen new wells are being drilled at the moment. To support well planning, a new version of the 3D geological model, incorporating recent acquired data, is underway. This task has being accomplished by integrating several sources of information. New data coming from the new wells is associated to information from analog outcrops, from interpretation of seismic horizons corresponding to erosive surfaces of turbiditic channels (corresponding to relative sea level falls correlative surfaces), and from inversion of seismic attributes (VP-VS ratio) from a high density 3D (HD3D) cube.

Analog outcrop information comes from the Annot sandstone (Annot Basin, Eocene sequence, France). The vertical shape of facies sequence is inferred based on 3D models from this outcrop as well as the geometry of the channel filling, the vertical proportion curves (VPC), and facies variograms, which work as a complement of well data.

Mapped seismic surfaces were used to separate different channel-filling populations that were modeled as individual regions in geological grid using different VPC, variograms, and global statistics.

A good correlation between the VPC of turbidite-channel-data and Vp-Vs ratio, from elastic inversion performed in the HD3D seismic cube, was observed, making it possible to generate a 3D facies proportion map based on VP-VS ratio, wells, and outcrop data.

The integration allowed a simulation of facies that represents better the existing reservoir heterogeneity.

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