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Careful ichnologic analysis is an important tool for discrimination of sustained and episodic gravity-flow deposits, as shown from two stacked packages of deep-marine Upper Eocene-Lower Oligocene turbidites at eastern Tierra del Fuego. A 63-m-thick, mudstone-sandstone lower Package I consists of an upward-coarsening-thickening succession, followed by a 91-m-thick Package II with a reverse trend and an erosional lower contact, consisting of pebbly coarse- to fine-grained sandstones occasionally capped by mudstone beds. Package I represents episodic flow deposits (classical turbidites of distal lobe facies) arranged in minor (~ 3-4 m thick) upward-coarsening-thickening cycles. The trace fossils Phymatoderma Brongniart, Zoophycos Massalongo, Chondrites...

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