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Geologic Problem Solving with Microfossils: A Volume in Honor of Garry D. Jones

SEPM Special Publication No. 93, Copyright © 2008

SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology), ISBN 978-1-56576-137-7, p. 83–92.

Beds of benthic macro-vegetation are important in shallow-water, carbonate-producing regimes. Seagrass blades baffle currents, leading to deposition of fine sediment, and grass root systems effectively bind the sediment, preventing erosion. Seagrass and benthic macroalgae are substrates for a variety of epibionts, including foraminifera. Due to their higher preservation potential, foraminifera can be used as proxies in studies of ancient vegetation-bed environments. In this actualistic study, we investigated the potential...

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