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In a 140 km2 subsurface area along the La Salle anticline, southeastern Illinois, a 5–12 m sequence of shaUow-marine, subtidal lime mudstone and wackestone in the upper Ste. Genevieve Limestone (Meramecian) has been altered in pa?chy fashion to porous (25–40%), oil-productive, microcrystalline dolomite. Information from about 150 wells (46 cored) shows the dolomite to occur in lens-shaped bodies up to 12 m (38 ft) thick, 0.5–2.5 km (0.3–1.5 mi) across by 1–5 km (0.6–3 mi) long, in places probably interconnected, and strongly oriented E-W to NE-SW. The dolomite interfingers with lime mudstone/wackestone, which it closely resembles in primary...

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