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Since the publication of our previous time scale (Berggren and others, 1985c = BKFV85) a large amount of new magneto- and biostratigraphic data and radioisotopic ages have become available. An evaluation of some of the key magnetobiostratigraphic calibration points used in BKFV85, as suggested by high precision 40Ar/39Ar dating (e.g., Montanari and others, 1988; Swisher and Prothero, 1990; Prothero and Swisher, 1992; Prothero, 1994), has served as a catalyst for us in developing a revised Cenozoic time scale. For the Neogene Period, astrochronologic data (Shackleton and others, 1990; Hilgen, 1991) required re-evaluation of the calibration of...

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