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Book Cliffs Outcrop, Western US

Sedimentary rocks and strata contain a history of the Earth and life on Earth. SEPM – Society for Sedimentary Geology’s mission since 1925 is to encourage research in sediments, sedimentary rocks, paleontology and stratigraphy around the world. The Society fulfills its mission - by publishing technical journals and books; offering research conferences, short courses, and field trips; and, through the SEPM Foundation, funding student research.

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The Society’s Online Collection

For Member Access to your personal online collections including the Journal of Sedimentary Research, PALAIOS, SEPM Special Publications, Concepts in Sedimentology and Paleontology, Short Course Notes, Core Workshop Notes, Atlases, and Field Guides

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SEPM Membership group

A network of sedimentary geologists

If you are not a member of SEPM, you are missing out on a basin full of benefits both tangible and intangible.

Why not consider joining society which has been going strong for over 90 years?

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Publishing from 1929 to the present

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Library subscriptions to SEPM Online Content are available as part of the Geosceinceworld aggregate or as individual libraries, who do not subscribe to GSW. Contact for individual library subscription information.

Everyone, members or non-members, can check out the SEPM Online Bookstore. The Bookstore gives everyone the opportunity to build their own library of references works with both classic and state of the art publications. Bookstore offerings include options for print, hi-res hard copy digital (CD/DVD/USB) or individual online access. We have monthly special sales.

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