Mineralogical Association of Canada, P.O. Box 78087, Meriline Postal Outlet, 1460 Merivale Road, Ottawa, ON K2E 1B1, Canada;Tel. 613.226.4651, Fax 613.226.4651, website <www.mineralogicalassociation.ca>


Canadian Mineralogist Spec. Pub. 6. Mineral Species Discovered in Canada and Species Named after Canadians: Laszlo Horvath. 372 p. 2003. Price US$45 outside Canada, CAN$45 in Canada; members US$36/CAN$36.

Short Course Series, Vol. 31. Environmental Aspects of Mine Wastes. J.L. Jambour, D.W. Blowes, and A.I.M. Ritchie, Eds. 430 p. 2003. Price US$50 outside Canada, CAN$50 in Canada; members US$40/CAN$40.

Mineralogical Society of America,...

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