The system Pd-Co-S has been investigated at 1,000 degrees , 800 degrees , 600 degrees , and 400 degrees C. At 1,000 degrees and 800 degrees C, the system is characterized by a broad sulfide melt field. This field recedes to Pd-rich portions at 600 degrees C and disappears above 500 degrees C. No crystalline ternary phase has been discovered in the system. The maximum solubility of Pd in the cobalt sulfides is 3.3 at. percent in Co 9 S 8 (at 600 degrees C), 1.6 at. percent in Co (sub 1-x) S (at 1,000 degrees C), and 1.0 at. percent in Co 4 S (sub 3-x) (at 800 degrees C). The maximum solubility of Co in PdS is 1.2 at. percent Co (at 600 degrees C) and in Pd 4 S, 3.2 at. percent (at 600 degrees C).

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