This study of the granophyric rocks of the Bushveld Complex was undertaken in order to distinguish the different types of granophyre and to determine their probable origin. Aspects of the granophyre and associated rock types that were studied include their field relations, geochemistry, and Rb-Sr isotope chemistry. Thermal modeling of causal mechanisms was also carried out. The results obtained demonstrate that a number of genetically different types of granophyre exist in the Bushveld Complex. Two types, the Diepkloof Granophyre and the Zwartbank Pseudogranophyre, were formed by metamorphic processes related to the intrusion of the Bushveld basic rocks. A third type, the Stavoren Granophyre, was formed by magmatic processes. It is also concluded that the Stavoren Granophyre is genetically related to the volcanic, pre-Bushveld, Rooiberg Group and forms the shallow intrusive equivalent thereof.

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