Lead was probably derived from 3.7-b.y.-old source material about 1.8 to 1.9 b.y. ago. Data on metavolcanic and granitic rocks from the belt show that the U-Th-Pb systems in most were reset about 1.6 b.y. ago; a time of shearing and retrogressive metamorphism. A concordia plot of the whole-rock lead data shows that many of the rocks lost lead relative to uranium and thorium during the interval 200 to 400 m.y. ago. Similar ores might be sought between the northern Wisconsin metavolcanic belt and the Upper Mississippi Valley because the lead lost from the basement there might be available for ore formation in overlying units. The lead in the early Proterozoic metavolcanic belt of northern Wisconsin seems to have been derived from the same mantle parent as the late Archean metavolcanic belts of northeastern Minnesota and southern Ontario.--Modified journal abstract.

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