Strata-bound lead deposit of late Tertiary age. The galena orebody is located in epigenetically dolomitized algal limestone. The mineralization is controlled by compaction folds, overlapping horsts. The sulfur isotopes of galena show a narrow variation (sigma = 1.28 per mil), the mean delta 34 S value is -0.32 per mil. The mean delta 13 C from four specimens is 1.302 + or - 0.51 per mil and the mean delta 18 O of oxygen is -5.645 + or - 0.63 per mil. The mineralization is independent of the stratigraphic level of the host rock. It is related to the final stage of Miocene-Pliocene tectonics characterized by intense subsidence and accompanied by later basalt extrusions.--Modified journal abstract.

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