A new type of stratabound sediment-hosted ore deposit. The deposit is estimated to contain in excess of 2,000 million metric tons of mineralized material with an average grade of 1.6 percent copper, 0.06 percent uranium oxide, and 0.6 g/metric ton gold. Proterozoic. Graben fill sediments were deposited in an arid subaerial environment during rifting or strike-slip faulting. The stratabound sulfide mineralization is syngenetic or syndiagenetic and is probably related to local volcanism. Uranium and rare earths were deposited during and after the sulfide mineralizing phase. Unusual features are the association of copper, uranium, rare earths, and gold; the association of reduced sulfur species such as chalcocite and bornite with high hematite concentrations; and the occurrence of stratabound copper and uranium minerals in sedimentary rocks deposited in a very high-energy environment.--Modified journal abstract.

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