58 anhydrite and sulfide specimens. Individual minerals have the following ranges: at Panguna, pyrite, 0.5 to 3.1 per mil, galena; -1.5 per mil, sphalerite; -1.0 to +1.6 per mil, anhydrite; 7.6 to 1.6 per mil; at Frieda, sulfides coexisting with anhydrite, -3.5 to +1.9 per mil; pyrites without anhydrite, -1.6 to +2.1 per mil; anhydrite, 10.0 to 18.3 per mil. Temperature ranges are 416 degrees to 877 degrees C at Panguna and 356 degrees to 677 degrees C at Frieda. Isotopic equilibrium seems likely. Fluid inclusion data indicate that copper mineralization at Frieda was associated with boiling salt-rich liquid at temperatures of 420 degrees to >580 degrees C, and pressures of 150 to 250 bars.--Modified journal abstract.

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