Measurements of dissolved helium, 3 He/ 4 He, and neon have been made in 60 water samples collected from 56 lakes and ponds in the Kaipokok region in Labrador. Tritium was measured in 8 water samples. The aim of the survey was to search for excess 4 He from decay of uranium and its daughter products. Excess 4 He varied from approximately 0% to 65% relative to the equilibrium solubility concentration at the temperature of the sample. delta ( 3 He), the helium isotope ratio anomaly relative to atmospheric helium, varied from +11% to -25%. Although the effect of tritium decay in the water prior to sampling must be considered, there is a good correlation between the lakes which have delta ( 3 He) -2% and lakes with excess radiogenic 4 He > or =4%. The helium results when plotted on a map of the area show a remarkable fit with the locations of known uranium mineralization.

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