The kinetics of uraninite dissolution in water may be summarized by the equation:R = -- d(uran)/dt= 10 (super 20.25) (SS)(RF) (super -1) (10 (super -3.38-10.8 NOC) )(a (sub Sigma CO 2 ) )(D.O.)(a H (super +) ) exp(-7045/T) day (super -1) where R is the rate of the dissolution reaction, SS is the specific surface area (cm 2 -gm (super -1) ), RF is an organic retardation factor, NOC is the mole fraction of nonuranium cations in the uraninite, D.O. is the dissolved oxygen content of the water (ppm), Sigma CO 2 is the total dissolved carbonate, and T is the absolute temperature. Application of these data may allow better understanding of factors influencing oxidation of uraninite and the resulting mobility of uranium in natural waters.

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