The electrochemical cell AgAgIAg (sub 2+x) S,S 2 (vapor), described by Wagner (1953), has been modified to measure sulfur fugacities buffered by mineral assemblages sealed in pyrex capsules. The cell was calibrated against the f (sub S 2 ) fixed by S (liquid) and Ag + Ag (sub 2+x) S. The extent of solid solution between Ag (sub 2+x) S and AgI was determined at 410 degrees C + or - 10 degrees C. The sulfur fugacities buffered by bornite + pyrite + chalcopyrite, covellite + pyrite + idaite, pyrite + bornite + idaite, pyrite + pyrrhotite, nickel monosulfide + vaesite, and covellite + high digenite were measured over temperatures ranging up to 445 degrees C. Except for the last buffer, the results are in good to fair agreement with published data.

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